Hail Friend, and welcome to the world of Naimorine…


Welcome home distant soul, welcome back home


The Vast continent of Naimorine is far more beautiful than just the high peaks of the Nactarine mountains or the wild Jackals of Ergon, even more than that of castle Aquovas or the sands of Erutar. The road to the vast East is now open
The continent of Naimorine was home to the ancient elves, who helped the goddess Sul to create the world. After the world was complete, Sul left to care for her other realms and the elves were to stay and guard over the land. After one million years of solitude, the elves tired of waiting for Sul, they created their own plain and left Naimorine to the Humans. The Humans spread to all parts of the known world and created the kingdom of Naimorine.


Fallen Skies

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